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Introduction of College of Economics,Guizhou University



College of Economics of GuizhouUniversity was officially founded in 2004 by the merger of related departments in GuizhouUniversity and Guizhou Institute of Technology. With a history dating back to the Department of Agricultural Economics of Guizhou Agricultural College established in 1941, College of Economics of GuizhouUniversity has been serving as a significant teaching and research institute for cultivating high-level professionals and talents required for the economic development of GuizhouProvince.

      College of Economics is possessed of a complete disciplinary system. Currently the College offers 1 primary discipline doctoral program (Econometrics), 3 primary discipline master’s degree programs (Theoretical Economics, Applied Economics, Statistics), 14secondary discipline master’s degree programs (National Economics, Regional Economics, Public Finance, Industrial Economics, International Trade, Labor Economics, Quantitative Economics, Western Economics, Political Economics, History of Economic Thoughts, The World Economy, Finance, Statistics, Economics of Population, Resources and Environment), and 4 undergraduate programs (Economics, Fiscal Science, Finance,International Economics and Trade). The College also has 1 advanced educational training center (comprising three divisions: cooperative education division, division of continuing education, and cadre training division), 1 provincial humanities and social science research base (Development and Application Research Centre of Marxist Economics), and 3 university-level research centers (Regional Economic Development Research Centre, Economic Reform and Development Research Centre, National Defense Economics and Strategy Research Centre) .

The College holds a well-structured faculty with high comprehensive qualities. Currently, the College has71 full-time faculty and staff, including 58 full-time faculty members. Of the 71 full-time faculty and staff, 1 is a member of the Steering Committee of Economics Education in Higher Institutions at the Ministry of Education, 2 are provincial experts, 3 serve at the economic advisory committee of the provincial government, 1 is an advisory consultant of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, 6 are academic discipline leaders on the provincial and university levels and 4 are middle-aged university backbone teachers. The College has 15 professors and 28 associate professors; 21 out of the faculty are doctors or doctoral candidates; 90% of the faculties are master degree holders and 25% of the faculties have overseas study or working experiences. The College also engaged over 20 well-known experts and scholars as honorary professors or part-time professors; among the list are Joseph Stiglitz (Nobel Prize winner in Economics), Li Wuwei (Vice Chairman of CPPCC), Long Yongtu (former Vice Minister of Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, PRC), etc.

      There is a dense atmosphere of academic and scientific research in the College, which bred a legion of research achievements recent years. Over the past five years, the College has successfully applied for more than 20 national key research projects sponsored by Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), National Science Fund and Ministry of Science and Technology of China, more than 30 provincial research projects sponsored by Guizhou Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science, Guizhou Provincial Governor Fund, etc., and over 50 lateral research projects. The scientific research fund utilized by the College reaches over RMB 3 million on an average annual basis. Every year an average of over 100 academic papers and 6 monographs are published.

The College engages in various international cooperations. Each year, over 20 faculty members participate in academic activities held both abroad and at home. More than 10 prominent domestic or overseas experts or scholars are invited to the College to give talks or presentations. The College has multiple successful experiences in organizing or undertaking international or national academic conferences. Also, joint educational programs have been initiated with prominent universities at home or abroad, such as University of Gavle in Sweden, KaohsiungUniversity in Taiwan and Wuhan University, Hunan University and CentralSouthUniversity in China in China mainland.

       With a combined emphasis on scientific spirit and humanism, College of Economics aims in providing firstclass education to the students, and endeavors to carry out the comprehensive quality education program by simultaneously focusing on the students’ thanking ability, communicational ability, writing ability and operational ability. Over 1000 undergraduates and 191 postgraduates (including 26 overseas students) are currently studying in the College. Each year, more than 30 graduate or undergraduate students are sent out to other renowned domestic or overseas universities as exchange students

The College is trying its best to strengthen the structure and quality of the faculty, the scientific research and the administrative team as well as earnestly fulfill the four educational functions, namely, talents cultivation, scientific research, social service and cultural inheritance. Rooted in China and opening up to the world, College of Economics of Guizhou University is aspired to become a regionally leading, high-level, and distinctive institute for cultivating advanced economic talents and conducting research in economics.



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